Humans of the Balkans


Humans of the Balkans is a digital media campaign aimed at highlighting the diversity and universal humanity of those living across the Balkans. The project seeks to start a dialogue to break down the negative political and national stereotypes among the Balkan countries. Humans of the Balkans puts emphasis on the things that unite people, make them proud, and allow them a greater understanding of one another. It also seeks to facilitate a discussion of problems, political issues, and challenges the people of the Balkans face, in a constructive, empathetic manner.


Milan Petrović – Team lead
Aleksandar Gligorijević – IT realization & Videographer
Jovana Jović – Journalist
Vanja Joksimović – Journalist
Veljko Janković – Photographer
Milena Petrović – Photographer
Marko Vučković – Videographer


Resonant Voices Initiative – US Embassy

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